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BASIC Setup LeadGrab for Real Estate

  • ManyChat - Facebook Integration.

    We set up and maintain a Premium ManyChat and integrate it with your Facebook Business Page.

  • Automations for Home Buyers, Sellers, and REALTOR Recruitment.

    Automations are set up to provide useful and rapid information to home buyers (including property details), sellers, and potential recruits for your real estate office.

  • You Test and Submit Change Requests.

    Basic does not include testing from our team - but you can test it, let us know within 4 days of launch, and we'll fix anything that is broken.

  • Basic Monthly Maintenance VS. Monthly Lead Nurturing.

    All monthly maintenance levels include maintenance of Premium ManyChat subscription, basic reporting. With Lead Nurturing,  you get up to 1 hour of phone consultation with your Account Manager or other OMH rep (1/2 hour for Basic), and up to 1 hour development / automation changes that you request (not included with Basic). BONUS features in Lead Nurturing is up to 10 hours per month engaging your list with questions to re-engage dormant contacts and sending broadcasts to qualified contacts - which is done several times throughout the month. 


You have a full 14-day trial period from the date of purchase. If you're not 100% satisfied with the product, we'll refund your money.


We respect your privacy, so your data will never be sold or disclosed.


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