Your answer to time blocking, real estate marketing ROI, lead generation to feed the one thing that determines the value of your business: your database.


We'll create your very own, custom Millionaire Worksheet and review it with you.

For just $150, get your own, customized worksheet plus a 1 hour video conference with us.

If you fill the questionnaire out at least 1 business day BEFORE our meeting, your customize worksheet will be all ready to go, and we can use the remainder of the time to review it and answer your questions. Otherwise, we'll ask  you the questions and complete the Millionaire Worksheet during our meeting, then briefly review it.

  • Know the ROI of marketing and lead generation efforts.

    Get the help you need to break the numbers down into digestible information you can actually USE!! With answers to questions like "average sales price of your transactions" and "how many of your appointments turn into contracts," you'll get powerful information that will help you make better decisions.

  • We'll create your customized form.

    As you probably saw, the Millionaire Worksheet was broken down into simplified questions, but there are still instructions that may have stumped you. For a VERY small investment, we'll create your own Millionaire Worksheet, walk you through the questions, and even point out key indicators that can fuel your business decisions towards incredible success. 

  • Keep the worksheet and use it as a tool everywhere.

    We created Sheet 1 of your worksheet to keep it simple - we just ask you questions, you answer them, then scroll a little to see the results. When you get confident, you can use the 3 other sheets we created for you to change the numbers even deeper for Lead Value calculations, Lifetime Value of Clients, and the full Goals/Appointments/Revenue worksheet based on Revenue and/or Number of Transactions.

  • Have someone to talk to.

    You get a one hour meeting with the creator of the worksheets. You can use that time to walk through the form and briefly touch on the results - OR, if you send the information far enough ahead of time, we'll create and customize your spreadsheet prior and we'll go through the results together!!


Buy our amazing Millionaire Worksheet customization and review and get a 33 Touch Plan - free!

Ok, in the video above I tell  you that I don't tell you about it here, but then I got excited and added it here anyway ....

  • Keep in touch with your leads systematically.

    Keeping to your time blocking is a lot easier when it doesn't include tasks you shouldn't be doing.

  • A fantastic, actionable starting point!

    We lay out a sample touch plan to keep in touch - then you apply your own voice and target the interests of your ideal clients.

  • Super easy to customize as your own !!

    33 Touches are met for those leads you have MET, so you can move things around and change them - then share them with your team.

This BONUS ALONE is Valued at $79.99

With your Purchase of the Millionaire Worksheet Customization and Review, You will receive this bonus for FREE!

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